Welcome, to the Garden State Chapter of ASPE.

What membership can do for you

1.   Advance Your Career! 

The absolute number one reason to join ASPE is for a selfish goal - personal career advancement! Whether you are an entry level professional or run your own successful company, ASPE is here to enhance your marketability thru education, networking, lead generation, and friendship. How do we do it? Check out reason 2–10 to find out!

2. Help finding your next job

Need a job? The ASPE internet job board includes job posts from organizations around the country. Are you looking to hire a qualified professional? Chapter members receive discounts on job postings.

 3. Access to top-notch education

ASPE offers monthly educational programming, ranging from intimate lunchtime sessions to larger forums with experts speaking on important industry topics. The ASPE National yearly conference features keynote speakers and educational breakout sessions focused on the education that estimators, contractors, and vendors need in order to advance their careers. 

​4.  Leadership Development

ASPE makes it easy for members to get involved. We encourage all members to join committees – one of the best ways to get the most out of your membership. Committee involvement often leads to members becoming Committee Co-Chairs and joining the Board of Directors; both great ways to hone your leadership skills.

Receive Member Only Discounts
ASPE National provides members with a variety of discounts from vendors such as Firestone, Lenovo, AchieveLinks, and Giftbridge.  Discounts are also provided from book distributors such as Craftsmen, and Walkers Technical Books, as well as subscription discount to ENR magazine.

6. Meet local ASPE members when you relocate One of the best ways to adjust and feel connected to a new community is by meeting people, developing a network, and making friends. As an ASPE member, just contact the local chapter to get started. 

Enhance your Resume
Membership in the ASPE looks darn good on your resume.  You will show other professionals that you don’t just collect a paycheck, but contribute to growth and reputation of our profession!

8. Become a mentor As a member of ASPE you may find that “giving back” can be one of the greatest rewards and benefits. Participation in forums, chat groups or discussion boards sponsored by an association are also great proactive ways to grow your network. This allows you to use your peers as sounding boards and also make some friends who share your interests. 

Make new friends We all know how hard it is to meet people and make friends. Participation in ASPE Chapter goups will provide an opportunity to escape the norm, associate with professionals who share your interests, and also have some fun!

Stay Inspired and Stay Motivated Learn to love what you do! You may not even realize that you love something; nevertheless it’s important to be proactive about the knowledge youacquire on the vocational journey. So, join the ASPE and discover something new TODAY.

The American Society of Professional Estimators serves construction estimators by providing education, fellowship, and opportunity for professional development.